Looks e ideas de moda de una Mujer Real

Looks e ideas de moda de una Mujer real

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¿No te sientes identificada con las modelos que te exponen las tendencias y prendas de cada temporada?

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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Can me get money on the internet?

These past few weeks I have strayed a bit from my favorite subject, to inquire into a topic that has caught my attention and has generated countless questions to me: can me get money on the  internet? , Can be done for free? , is it safe ? .... and , How much I can win ? .....

It turns out that there are many ways to get money and we can list some as completing surveys , making Clicks in emails advertising , listening to music, watching videos , downloading app applications on mobile , testing new products , participating in marketing campaigns in social networks and sure many more who still do not know .

What it has become clear to me is that I WILL NOT BE RICH ! ! , And I MUST HAVE A LOT OF PATIENCE ! ! . I have also learned that we must be very careful with the pages that offer you a wonderful world of quick profits and then ask register you by paying a " small fee " . So as it is a new world for me , I gave my first step calmly , looking free options and seeking expert opinions on these issues as bloggers DineroBits with very useful information.

The idea of ​​extra money for that the seasonal changes are not so dramatic , seduced me. So if you  think like I and do not know where to start, I bring you a small list of some of the most recognized websites:

1. GlobalTestMarket . International survey page where you assign points for each survey . When you get more than 1000 points you can request that you do the payment by Paypal  ( 1160 points = 10 € ) or vouchers at stores like Amazon , Ikea, ..... can sing up from this link but you can sign up to start earning 100 points , and that through your choice of " Tell a friend" who invites 100 points 100 points a friend and the friend who enroll earn . If you are interested in this option to leave your email in a comment and I recommend .

2 . Toluna . They have a point table so that you can exchange your points for gifts or vouchers from different companies. They also make quarterly sweepstakes that may be of interest . You can register at this link.

3 . Hiving . French company specialized in market research. Page of paid surveys you must accumulate at least 4000 points to redeem for reglao checks or payments through Paypal (4000 points = 5 € ) . You can register at this link.

4 . Ipsos panels Acces . Paid Surveys page where you have to get a minimum of € 1000 to redeem for gift vouchers. You can register at this link.

5 . Sumaclicks , to enroll in this ad you send emails and you get points just for opening the link. You must wait at least 60 seconds between email received to open it and you usually send between 7 and 10 a day. 1000 points is 1 euro and you can ask them to make bank transfer to your account from 10 € . You can register at this link.

6. MusicXray . Platform on which new artists come in contact with professionals in the music industry , and in which there is room for the fans. You pick 5 styles of music and they send you emails to hear new songs. You can register at this link.

7. Tapporo. Is an App that you can download in the phone and it allows you to earn points by watching videos and downloading applications on the mobile (which then can desistalar). You can sign up on this link and get 250 points if queires you can write the following invite code TAPLR334491.

This is therefore the first step, to know that the possibility exists.

The second step is to give it time, they to get the points needed in each of these pages you must be constant and spend a few minutes or hours a day to get results from 2 or 3 months.

Finally, you  should be register on lot of pages,  to be adding euros. Each of these pages can send to you between 1-5 surveys a week, and a large percentage of them where you will not be eligible or already not accept more opinions because you're late to answer.

In any case, we  surfing on the internet  a lot of hours a week , why not monetize some?, Do not you think?. 

Have a nice day girls!!!! :D

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  1. No me llama mucho la atención. Yo de momento tengo el blog como ocio, por entretenimiento. Creo que es demasiado complicado. Recuerdo que al principio hice un par de colaboraciones para marcas pero no me convencía porque estaban continuamente pidiéndome que mostraras sus productos y entonces quitaba tiempo para hacer lo que yo realmente quería. Ya nos contarás tu experiencia.Suerte! bss:)

  2. Opino igual que tu, las distintas formas que puedan existir para rentabilizar el blog, las desconozco, pues me he centrado en expresar mi opnion muy personal de la moda y las mujeres reales, es por esta razón que las paginas que he encontrado son opciones que no tienen nada que ver con el blog, y que cualquier persona inscribirse auqnue no tenga un blog o una pagina web. Yo me he animado y vamos a ver que pasa, jejeje. :D

  3. Haber si me animo y ya nos contaras tu experiencia! Un besazo.

  4. No tenia la menor idea, pero tampoco tengo tiempo para dedicarle a esta profesión. Muy interesane el post.


  5. I agree with you, useful tips by the way!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  6. Yo me leí el post en español jaja!
    No se. siempre me parecio que hay algun engaño detras de esto y que tratan de sacar dinero, pero le echaré un ojo, ya que tu nos lo recomiendas, un dinerillo extra nunca viene mal!


  7. ^Pues ya nos contaras guapa
    Un beso

  8. Durante un tiempo estuve haciendo las encuestas de Ipsos, pero eran un rollazo y no llegué a conseguir ningún cheque.


  9. Interesting post. Just popping in to wish you a happy Weekend dear.

  10. La verdad que hay que dedicarle mucho tiempo a este tipo de publicidades y no creo que sea muy rentable
    Un besazo

  11. Yeah. making money on the Internet can take a long time since there are so many who try it, too!



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